Practice title Sonoma Coast landscape date 2021-04 venue private

Tomales Bay landscape breaks ground!

Award title Resilience Metrics date 2021-03 venue Landscape Architecture Foundation
Prescribed fire protocol, Yoruk tribe.

We are shortlisted, together with Envision Geo, for the Landscape Architecture Foundation's 2021 research grant in honor of Deb Mitchell for our work on practices and protocols of wildfire resilience.

Symposium title Salon #5: Models date 2020-04 venue Southern California Institute of Architecture

Join us next week at SCI-Arc's Center Advanced Studies in Architecture for Edge Salon #5: On Models. The discussion will focus on the intersection of scientific inquiry and projective practice in models of climate adaptation. David Ruy and Timothy Morton will tune in.

Symposium title On Sustainability date 2020-01 venue Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

We will be presenting our research on the urbanization of geologically vulnerable landscapes, completed in partnership with the California Geological Survey, at the 16th International Summit on Sustainability in Santiago, Chile. Join us at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urban Studies 29-30 January.

Studio title Climate Pilots date 2020-01 venue University of California, Los Angeles
ECOSTRESS maps LA's hot spots (CALTECH / JPAL).

We are offering a new studio at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design!

The studio, co-taught with architect Christina Tung (Grimshaw), examines adaptive strategies for climate equity in the City of Los Angeles with attention to the public realm, landscape, and urban form. Departing from conceptions of climate adaptation as a practice of systemic adjustment within socio-ecological systems, it focuses, instead, on adaptations of form and material within the built environment. This advanced topics studio is open to MArch and MURP students by lottery enrollment.

Award title Urban Peripheries date 2019-07 venue LA Forum for Architecture and Design
San Gabriel Mountains, California

LA Forum for Architecture and Design awards the Pamphlet grant for our research on fringe landscapes. Urban Peripheries explores the tensions between core and periphery in practices of climate adaptation.

Lecture title Paradigms of Adaptation date 2019-06 venue American Institute of Architects
Everglades, FL (George Steinmetz, 2015)

We are presenting our recent work on the role of design in climate adaptation at the American Institute of Architects annual meeting this year. Join us at AIA!

Review title In the Milieu of Water date 2019-02 venue Rhode Island School of Design
Putuoshan Island, China (Tianjie Chi, 2019)

Join us for a showcase of winter terms projects at RISD from the design workshop In the Milieu of Water. Students will show work exploring climatic risks and vulnerabilities across a range of geographic and cultural contexts as part of the thesis seminar and attendent design workshops.

Lecture title Practices of Adaptation date 2018-10 venue American Society of Landscape Architects
Grazing protocol, Napa Valley, CA (Napa Valley Land Trust, 2018)

We are presenting our work on practices of landscape resilience at the American Society of Landscape Architects annual meeting in Philadelphia this year. Join us at ASLA!

Practice title Lower Manhattan garden date 2018-04 venue private

Lower Manhattan garden nears completion.

Seminar title Research Methods in Design date 2018-01 venue Rhode Island School of Design

Honored to offer a new course at RISD this year!

Research Methods in Design explores the convergence of scientific inquiry and design practice in contemporary culture. It builds on the rich disciplinary histories of landscape architecture and urban design as fields of knowledge and inquiry allied with both arts and the natural and human sciences. The course gathers sources from across these disciplines to reflect on the models of inquiry associated with landscape architecture and urban design as a disciplinary, professional, and cultural realms. Finally, it introduces the modes of thinking and research associated with design culture (design thinking, design research) and examines their history and relevance to contemporary practice.

Seminar title Data, Design, Decision date 2017-04 venue Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

The seminar program at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, a leading center for interdisciplinary research, supports collaboration to explore early-stage ideas. The exploratory seminar, Data, Design, Decision, organized with Robert Pietrusko and Charles Waldheim, will convene practitioners to discuss the evolving role of spatial analytics and decision-support tools in urban planning and design. Registration is open with invitation to the seminar.